NYC Educator Training: Software Quality and Testing

As part of the NYC Department of Education’s Innovation Partner Professional Development Program (IPPD) A Quality Leadership Institute created an offer for NYC Teachers to become a Software Quality and Testing Instructor, Level 1.


While STEM education continues to become part of the fabric of society, our students are generally only working with software, or possibly code, at the highest level of concern. But how do students know when something is good? Is it good enough? What does quality mean, and who makes those decisions?

In this course, teachers will learn about the field of software testing and quality. While there are many programs focused on helping teachers and students learn code, there are not programs that focus on making sure that software works. Educators will learn the principles of quality software development by working through theoretical examples and with actual software to practice their skills. These software testing and quality skills can be employed by teachers in the classroom to help teach students to think critically about all work that they produce, even if the work is not technical. This workshop will contribute effectively to teacher assessment practices, regardless of the level of technology that is used in the classroom.

Benefits to participation

  • You’ll become certified as a Software Quality and Testing Educator
  • You will learn innovative ways of teaching critical thinking skills to your students
  • You will become knowledgeable about important aspects of technology and discover the principles (criteria) to evaluate any program or service
  • You will have fun learning!

1st cohort of NYC Educators certified as The Software Quality and Testing Educator Level 1 graduated in January 2017.

If you are looking for more information on the upcoming class or the overall project, please contact us.



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